Morning Ritual – Warm Lemon Water

Morning Ritual – Warm Lemon Water

What’s your morning routine? Here at Seasoned Students, we start most days with a warm mug of lemon water.  After you wake up from a night’s sleep, your body needs a little TLC before it kickstarts into another day. A mug of nature’s best zest is the perfect remedy to help prepare your body for the day ahead.

So many “detox” products are laden with an extensive list of additives which we can hardly pronounce, let alone understand what they actually are! Next time you’re shopping, pick up the product you’re about to fling into your trolley and look at the ingredients list. If you know what it’s made of, it’s a keeper! If you are a bit bamboozled by the strange list of ingredients, set it down and walk away…

That’s what we love about this morning ritual – it only requires 2 natural ingredients and takes no time at all. Easy peezy, lemon squeezy! Just squeeze the juice of 1/2 a fresh lemon into a mug and then fill it up 3/4 full with hot water  If you have a lovely lazy morning to enjoy, sit and relax whilst your lemon water cools slightly. If you don’t have that time on your hands, add a little cool water to the mug so you can be refreshed before you head out the door!

So what actually does warm lemon do? What are the benefits?

When you wake up, your body needs to be hydrated ASAP. By drinking a mug of warmed lemon water, you’re replacing vital fluids, helping you to feel energised rather than sluggish in the morning. Plus, lemon juice contains many vitamins and minerals which promote health benefits. These include digestive and liver cleansing, immune boosting, clearing skin, as well as being an anti-bacterial and anti-viral source. But remember, lemon juice is acidic and therefore can be detrimental to your teeth if overconsumed. We’d recommend just one mug a day to keep the tooth decay at bay!

Try a 7-day lemon warm water trial for yourself and let us know how you feel by tagging us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter @seasonedstudent.

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