Up the 5-a-Day Game

Up the 5-a-Day Game

You are probably quite aware that we are recommended to eat 5 portions of fruit and veggies a day. “Probably” is a slight understatement.

You most definitely will have heard this sometime before during your life. For some time there have been posters everywhere and adverts promoting this healthy lifestyle factor on the television. Even our grannies harped on for years about the benefits of including fruit and veg in our diets. Especially carrots.

But the question is, how many carrots do we need to eat daily to gain the night vision our grandparents promised us*? What actually is a recommended “portion” of fruit and vegetables? What does it look like on a plate?

Here at Seasoned Students we want to help make healthy eating easier. So here’s a list we’ve made which aims to indicate how much of a particular fruit or veg you’d have to eat to meet the guidelines.

*= Not scientifically proven but they’re just so cute and crafty we believed them!



1/2 grapefruit

1 apple, banana, slice of melon, nectarine, orange and pear

2 kiwis, slices of mango and plums

7 blueberries and strawberries

30g dried fruit

150ml pure fruit juice


1 medium-sized tomato

2 florets of broccoli

3 tbsp carrots, sticks of celery, green beans, spinach and sweetcorn

7 cherry tomatoes

Unfortunately potatoes do not count! They are regarded as a starchy food, similar to bread, pasta and rice. On the other hand, frozen fruit and vegetables have the same retained nutrient quality as fresh options. Therefore they have the same portion recommendation.

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